United to Multiply XEE

united to multiply
Let’s face it. We’re scared of sharing the gospel. With increasing polarization in media and society, contemporary Christians would rather err on the side of silent caution than potentially be rash and offensive. For me, working in a liberal environment makes it intimidating to talk about Jesus.
In this context, I signed up for XEE, the new evangelism class at church. What I expected to be a small group of people from 2E (2nd English Service) ended up being an experience that has helped me grow in practical skills and confidence in evangelizing, while also strengthening my connections within our larger KCPC community.
Learn & practice relational storytelling in a supportive environment
XEE is a tool from Evangelism Explosion for reaching the next generation. It emphasizes relationships, listening skills, and storytelling. First, you focus on selfawareness and intentional listening. You learn to tell personalized stories and relate to your audience, using accessible language.
You also learn through guided discussion and practice within a small group. My weekly group was a safe space to grow. It was clear that we were all there to learn so there was no pressure to be at a certain level of evangelizing. We’d discuss how we were praying for opportunities to share or applying what we learned.
Community based on a mutual passion for the gospel
Just in my group, we had people from all different services, communities, life stages, and with different primary languages. Yet even with these differences, we bonded over this common desire to share the gospel. We even saw this unity in the way that our English speaking pastors (Daniel Kwon, Sam Lee, and John Hwang) collaborated with Pastor, Myunghoon Bae and his diligent team to serve the body of Christ as one. It was a reminder to me that there’s something so beautiful about XEE a community that is truly based on the common denominator of Christ.
Calling & purpose renewed in and through Christ
Through all this, I became more intentional about praying for people in my life and for opportunities. What I have been asking for in Jesus’ name, He’s been providing. Mild apathy has been replaced with love and intentional relationship building. Fear is giving way to confidence in God’s promises. It’s still challenging to share about Jesus, but as disciples, our calling to make more disciples is one of urgency, and we can be emboldened by Jesus’ authority and promise to be with us (Matt. 28:18-20).
As I practiced sharing truth and love in digestible narratives, I was reminded of how these truths are meant for me as well. I reflected how God called me from depression and the need for control to a life surrendered to Him. It became a pulse check on how I was currently living out that calling.
One quote that stuck out from the course was, “You have these fears about evangelizing because you don’t evangelize.” Rejection, or even silent persecution, can be scary, but the reality is people around me are like me - broken and in need of love - and often more willing to listen than we’d expect. No matter how much time I have, I want to make the most of every opportunity to demonstrate God’s love.
Let’s start
Whether you decide to sign up for XEE or promise to God to be more intentional with specific people in your life, let’s pray for hearts after God’s own. It’s easy to get so consumed with our own problems and priorities that we allow inadequate training, apathy, fear, or lack of compassion to excuse us from our calling. Let’s be reminded of the full life and true joy we have in our loving God and keep preaching the gospel to ourselves. We have this amazing gift that surpasses the needs of each heart and transcends cultures. It’s too much to keep to ourselves.
Susie Ahn